Thursday, November 11

Fabianski secures the points

A pain in the arse of night not only was there hardly any streams going but once I finally found of some quality (thanks to the twitter) I'd missed the goal. Had to wait until the second half to see it again via my goal highlight page. Thank fuck.
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So we looked alit stronger and determined to win this match shows how much Sunday hurt to the boys. The passing looked sharp and crisp for the first 30 mins while we took control of the game but wolves seemed to up their work rate and we couldn't get the ball out our half. Fabianski worked hard to keep them out. This save spring to mind flick on at near post Lukasz scrabble across his line just to flick it off cunts hunts head.Towards the end of the half we started to get the ball back. but to be honest I was hoping for half time.
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Here's what FIFA says a dangerous tackle is.  on Twitpic
via @Olegunner FIFA's dangerous tackle

Henry decided to try too break andreys leg. This guy is really on some mission to break as many legs as possible this year. Please someone take note he's already probably ended bobby Zamora career this season. Gets sent off in the next game and he comes back and he's still doing the same studs up eyes closed tackles. 

Whets the difference please and not even a free kick or yellow???

Looking at the goals Lukasz quick throws helps us be direct just what the gaffer had asked for.

"We might find a way to play a bit more direct in some situations"

Right thats your lot
oh and Fellaini got sent for everton first game back so there's a relief.

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